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Helping the Low Country

One Person at a Time

Difficult times, rising medical costs, natural disasters, and other problems have created a world of needs all around us like never before. People want to help people in need. Effectively and efficiently.
But often, they don't know how.

At Low Country Helping Hands, our goal is to empower people from all walks of life to achieve their fullest potential and create new opportunities for themselves and others.

Your help is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Meet With Us


Mike Waters Founder


Ben Toy Coordinator


Ryan and Erin Corder Chairman


Mocha Johnson Media

  • Mocha
    Holy moly, I found a picture where I look like a respectable, upstanding citizen. Business luncheon? No. New Years Party. Don't let the tie, blazer, and glasses fool you. They merely serve to hide my secret identity.
    I'm Batman.
    Mocha Johnson / Janitor / Advent Designs / www.cleaningupmikesmesses.com
  • Erin
    I would just like to point out that there are only like 2 pictures of me on all of Facebook where I am not surrounded by friends to the point where it's impossible to even crop a picture of just me. Well done, Mocha. You found one of them.
    Erin Corder / President / The Corders / www.weallknowwhosincharge.com
  • Ben
    This picture makes me look clean-cut and not sweaty. Totally not on purpose. Then again, it does look I'm plotting something that involves 4 red solo cups, a rope, a porcupine, and eternal embarrassment for one of my friends. That was on purpose.
    Ben Toy / Founder / On Purpose Adventures / www.onpurposeadventures.com

Want to serve the low country?

Help as a Volunteer!

Low Country Helping Hands

Low Country Helping Hands, LLC
915 Folly Rd.
Charleston, SC 29412

Tel (843)298-1619

Email: info@lowcountryhelpinghands.org